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BioWare talks about Mass Effect 3 voice acting


In the most recent BioWare Pulse, Rob Blake (audio lead) and Carline Livingstone (voiceover director) talk about voice acting in Mass Effect 3.  This team talks about a more emotional Mass Effect experience than even the two previous titles.  With a system they invented called the intensity volume matrix (IVM), the voice actors know exactly how loud or intense a line needs to be.  The IVM is especially useful so the two Shepards and mirror their voice acting.

As far as the volume of the ME3 voice acting project goes, the duo mentions that this last installment of the trilogy will have over 40 thousand lines.  Unlike other games, they are unable to get their multiple voice actors in the booth at a time.  The project is just too big and involves too many people.  Since the majority of the lines come from Shepard, and there are two Shepards, that can never be possible.

Blake and Livingstone comment on how the conclusion to the Mass Effect trilogy will touch you on a new emotional level.  While Shepard in the past has been all bad ass, in this one they are making a slightly softer Shepard.  Sure he / she will still be as epic as humanly possible, but also not as confident.  Livingstone mentions says this Shepard could say something along the lines of “We’re going to take them!  …I think.”  This will make for a more “emotionally engaging” Mass Effect experience. 

While Shepard is larger than life, he / she is still human AND fighting an ancient universe destroying race of sentient machines.  The video is below.

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