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BioWare takes us behind-the-scenes on Mass Effect 4

Any context on this BioWare?

mass effect 4

Every now and then BioWare's Cinematic Director Ken Thain lets us in on some behind-the-scenes motion capture action for the currently-in-development Mass Effect 4. Thain rarely NEVER supplies any context for what is happening in the scene or what part of the game they are recording for, but at least we get a look behind the scenes - right?

The last we heard about Mass Effect 4 and its development was regarding a survey that supposedly leaked a ton of information on the game's story. Apparently, the setting of the story is very far removed from anything we experienced in the previous games and will not reference our journey as Shepard.

On that note, here's a dangling man in a mo-cap studio:

I want to know what leads you to this situation...

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