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BioWare suspends granting Mass Effect 3 multiplayer rewards


BioWare has suspended the granting of Victory and Commendation Packs for Mass Effect 3's Operation Raptor following reports that people were exploiting the system.

"We granted the Victory and Commendations Packs from Operation Raptor last night but this morning it was identified that man people were using an exploit to get multiple packs," said Mass Effect 3 Live Producer Scylla Costa.

In order to prevent the problem from spreading BioWare has put an immediate stop to granting the reward packs.

"We are currently working on a fix for this issue. We will restart the granting of packs once this issue has been fixed," Costa reassured fans.

Operation Raptor officially ended at 5am PST on Monday, April 2nd.  Mass Effect 3 players were tasked with promoting at least 2 characters to their single player campaign.  By doing so, they were awarded a Commendation Pack.  If a total combined 150,000 character promotions were achieved, then Victory Packs were awarded to all players.

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