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Analyzing BioWare’s Newest Franchise Based Off Single Screenshot


So BioWare has released a new teaser screenshot from their next franchise.  GameInformer released a single photo.  What do we know… not much.  But hell, I can speculate full heartedly!  Here is a list of things I am going to make up from this one screen shot!  Please note, quite possibly all this speculation will be false.

  • Definitely post-apocalyptic.
  • The car is harder to drive than the Mako (Mass Effect series). 
  • The car takes you west in a manifest destiny type of struggle to find water – think of it as reverse version of Water World.
  • Civilization has nearly been eradicated.
  • Only green dye will be prevalent.
  • There will be a crafting system where you can make non green clothing – green.
  • Red bandanas will be the rage in fashion. 
  • Sand.
  • After the 50th in game day ravenous crows finish off all life.
  • Dialogue will have epic good or evil paths to add to the RPG element.
  • Voice acting will be done by only Oscar winning actors.
  • The decisions you make will decide the outcome of the lives of the people in your hovel.
  • There are already talks of sequels.


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