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Bioware’s newest teaser proves less horrific, affirms Gamescom reveal


Bioware today added a third installment to the teaser campaign for their currently unannounced project. The newest clip, titled Impact, follows Nightmare and Spark, both of which feature a distinctly supernatural and horror-infused atmosphere, but this new teaser takes things in a brighter, if mysterious, direction.

True to the overarching theme, Impact bears the slogan “You’ve been chosen,” this time pairing it with the question “Can you control your power?” Dreary settings plucked straight out of survival horror footage have vanished, however, replaced by presumably accidental destruction at the hands of the clip's red-headed leading lady.

Little is known of Bioware’s mystery project beyond its impending Gamescom reveal. However, a look at the first teaser reveals that, while titled “You’ve Been Chosen,” the file itself goes by “Shadow Realms,” suggesting the latter may be the game’s official name.

Teaser site youvebeenchosen has remained tight-lipped on details as well, leaving fans of the studio with nothing more than speculation.

[Youvebeenchosen via VG24/7]

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