BioWare reveals multiplayer statistics for Mass Effect 3

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Despite public outcry over the announcement of multiplayer in Mass Effect 3, players have come to adore the Horde-style component. Today, BioWare revealed a pictograph of the title's online feature, which included some impressive statistics thus far. Some of the eye-popping stats include: 1,800 years worth of multiplayer already logged, 80 million credits earned, and 1% of all online matches are successfully completed on "Gold" difficulty. You can view the entire chart of stats above. BioWare may be taking a hit with outrage over the game's ending, but they should be applauded for introducing such an intriguing feature that adds gameplay without detracting from core experience. What's been your favorite stat thus far? Any cool stories from your online experience? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below. Source [BioWare]
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