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BioWare: Kinect integration for Mass Effect 3 happened 'by accident'


Instead of revolutionizing games in an entirely new way, Kinect's functionality has made most gamers worried that it'll damper games' core experience. In the case of Mass Effect 3,  most fans saw the voice recognition - interactive storytelling and squad commands - intriguing yet unneeded. Surprisingly, the Kinect integration proved to be an excellent addition that made the already personal story even more compelling. According to BioWare's Casey Hudson, though, the entire Kinect concept happened "by accident." 

In an interview with OXM UK, Hudson stated that the almost created itself. "It was very easy to connect something that you can do in the game with something you've said, almost as easy as that. No research required -- it was all there, done for us.” Hudson went on to explain how Kinect changed the entire scheme of storytelling instantly. "Once you start doing that, you realize you're using different mental pathways to interact with the game. You're not pressing buttons to talk, you're talking to talk. And it makes conversation totally different, especially because the Kinect can isolate room noise really well.”

According to Hudson, Kinect's success in Mass Effect 3 ​will open doors for future titles, changing the way storytelling is told. “It feels like the future of interactive storytelling. You're just talking to a character, and you're going deeper into their conversation." We applaud BioWare for introducing something worthwhile that truly made the game "better with Kinect," and we look forward to similar uses for the peripheral. 

Source: [OXM]

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