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BioWare Ensures Mass Effect 3 'Galaxy at War' Will Not "Compromise Single Player"


Whether you are a fan of it or not, multiplayer is coming to Mass Effect 3.  Earlier this week, BioWare officially confirmed multiplayer co-op in Mass Effect 3

"Being able to explore and fight alongside your friends in the Mass Effect universe has always been something we thought would be fun and compelling, and many players have asked for it for a long time as well.  Mass Effect 3 is the best place for us to introduce multiplayer through co-op because of the premise of the game - all out galactic war."

Today, BioWare has given us a little insight as to what the multiplayer gameplay will consist of.  Mass Effect 3: Galaxy at War, as the multiplayer experience is titled, is "meant to complement that amazing game" and "give fans a bonus for those who want to experience Mass Effect in different ways."  As we already know, multiplayer in Mass Effect 3 will only be co-op, meaning no deathmatch or versus modes.  By doing so, Bioware ensures that multiplayer does not "compromise the power of the single player campaign."

BioWare did point out that success in multi-player will have a direct impact on the outcome of the single player campaign, giving players an alternative method of achieving ultimate victory against the greatest threat manking - and the entire galaxy - has ever faced.  With that being said, those who aren't fans of the Galaxy at War multiplayer system, will still get that satisfying story experience that Mass Effect 3 delivers.  After all, it is a complete, standalone game.  Galaxy at War and all of the individual components only complement Mass Effect 3.

BioWare confirmed that main single-player characters like Commander Shepard, Garrus, Ashley, and Liara will not appear in the multiplayer missions.  Instead, Galaxy at War will have players create custom characters to fight on different and unique fronts in the war.  "This will include the ability to play as favorites like Turians, Krogans, Asari, and more...each with their unique set of abilities."  Though Elcor and Hanar were not mentioned, BioWare didn't rule them out.

Though no specifics like additional maps or modes were revealed, BioWare did confirm that they are planning on having DLC for Mass Effect 3.

Remember, "participation in any or all ME3:GaW elements is entirely optional".  

See Mass Effect 3 single-player fanboys?  It won't ruin your game.  Actually, gamers should look at what BioWare is doing as a good thing.  Including an entirely optional multiplayer element free of charge.  Most companies these days would give gamers the option to buy it via download if they wanted it.  Just look at Batman: Arkham City.

Check out a special edition of BioWare Pulse which address multiplayer in Mass Effect 3.

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