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BioWare discusses SWTOR end game content, PvP, and same sex marriage


Can you believe it's been over a year since Star Wars: The Old Republic launched? The game has undergone quite a few changes through its short lifespan, including a drastic change to a free-to-play system, but the once-hyped MMORPG is going strong, according to BioWare.

In the latest "State of the Game" update, executive producer Jeff Hickman wrote, "As you can probably imagine, the launch of the Free-to-Play option with our new Cartel Market has been an amazing event for our game. The game is incredibly healthy with an ever increasing number of players who are actively playing (the servers are rocking!). Having said that, we know we haven’t gotten everything perfect, and we are still working hard to make The Old Republic everything you guys desire."

Hickman touched on the future, briefly speaking of the upcoming Game Update 1.7 which will bring some "interested changes" to a "special PvP area." Hickman was pretty cryptic about it, however, since it has not yet been announced. He also mentioned a visit from the Green Enclave though "maybe not the way you would expect."

Looking ahead, BioWare has plans to implement new Operations, Flashpoints, difficulty mode,s PvP areas, and the upcoming Digital Expansion: Rise of the Hutt Cartel. Itemization will also be improved.

"We have a plan mapped out for the upcoming year that will keep the elder game fresh and interesting for players of all types. Overall, we’re aiming to introduce a more diverse array of activities – more stuff to do with your Companion, more challenges to tackle with groups, and more reasons for guilds to recruit," he wrote.

Hickman also teased "something big" for Ilum, the giant PvP world, but did admit that open world PvP was more difficult. BioWare will instead focus on PvP Seasons and new Warzones. He did say that open world PvP is still being looked at, but for now it will take a back  seat to other forms of PvP.

Lastly, Hickman apologized for the time it has taken to implement same gender romance. He admitted that it has taken a lot more work than initially thought and the team's focus on the Free-to-Play switch caused a delay. That being said, it is something they are continuing to work on and as of the post, BioWare will be adding same gender romance with some NPCs on Makeb.

Have you returned or started playing SWTOR as a result of the free-to-play model? What are your thoughts on it?

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