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BioWare consolidates SWTOR servers; you may have to change your name


How important is your character's name in Star Wars: The Old Republic to you? I only ask because you may have to change it.

As part of BioWare's efforts to consolidate servers to offer current players "the best possible Star Wars: The Old Republic experience", the company has taken the next step in the server population balancing process. They have removed lesser populated servers and transferred characters on origin servers to the "upgraded high population destination servers."

The result is that you may find some of your characters are now located on a different server. No characters have been deleted as part of the process, BioWare assured fans, but you may have to rename your character if a character on that server already has that name. BioWare has said they took a "variety of factors" into account when determining which characters needed to be renamed. Your friends list and guild panel will update automatically with the new names, but BioWare suggests that you check your friends' character names before mailing them or chatting with them to avoid any confusion.

Character names are the only thing that may have to be changed. If one or more guilds with the same name exists on the same high population destination server, the guilds may find that their name has been changed to "OriginalGuildName@OriginServer". Guild leaders will have a button available through the Guild Management window to change the name of the guild. While there is no time limit to use the button at this time, it can only be used once.

Lastly, Legacy names are no longer unique to the server, so everyone will have an opportunity to create a new Legacy Name upon logging in. 

For more answers, visit the Server Consolidation FAQ provided by BioWare.

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