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BioWare Confirms "There Will Be Co-Op Multiplayer In Mass Effect 3"


BioWare has apparently listened to fans (well, the side that favor multiplayer gameplay) and has decided to add a multiplayer feature to the third installment of the Mass Effect series. 

According to multiple Twitter sources, Mass Effect 3 will, in fact, include multiplayer.

The official BioWare Twitter teased, "There will be a multiplayer component for #ME3. Full details soon, so wait until then before making your decision. We think you'll like it!"

Thankfully, Executive Producer of the Mass Effect Casey Hudson didn't make us wait long.  "Yes, co-op MP missions for #ME3: they're real, and they're spectacular.  Rest assured it's nothing of w hatyou've feared.  More soon..."

Not all fans were excited to hear about the Mass Effect 3 multiplyaer.  Many fans of the series feared competitive multiplayer modes would ruin the structure of the game.  Needless to say, it appears the multiplayer will be co-op only.  I'd venture to say that the co-op mode will be side-missions, and not directly related to the main campaign story.

This announcement comes shortly after a leak of the Australian magazine "PC PowerPlay" cover which states "multiplayer comes to Mass Effect 3," and right below that it reads, "Fight alongside your friends as the galaxy goes to war!"

So now we play the waiting game, as we eagerly await further BioWare announcements regarding the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer modes.

Are you excited for Mass Effect 3 multiplayer?  What modes would you like to see implemented?

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