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BioShock series still 'really important' to Take-Two Interactive

Does this mean we will see something more in the series?

BioShock series still 'really important' to Take-Two Interactive

The BioShock series debuted in 2007, had a sequel in 2010, and became a trilogy in 2013 with BioShock Infinite. Since its debut the series has sold 25 million copies. BioShock Infinite alone makes up for 11 million of those sales.

During the Technology, Media, & Telecom Conference in New York, Take-Two Interactive (the parent company to BioShock's publisher 2K Games) CEO Strauss Zelnick announced the game's sale numbers and that the game is still "really important" to the company.

"It's a really important intellectual property for the company. And while I don't have any announcements to make, yes, it's a really important franchise for us."

BioShock's main developer, Irrational Games -- the studio that was once spearheaded by Ken Levine, was shut down by 2K Games in February of 2014. Irrational's closure did not spell the end for Ken Levine or for BioShock, Levine moved on to a smaller effort at Take-Two and handed BioShock off to 2K Marin, the developer of the BioShock seqeul. With BioShock still being "important" to Take-Two it wouldn't be a surprise if we saw a remastered set of the three games or a new game in the BioShock world.

Whatever the case may be, if there's a new BioShock game - hopefully it follows the first or the third game... the second game wasn't that good.


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