BioShock Infinite Xbox Avatar Collection now available

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Today marks an important date for the gaming industry: only one more month to wait before BioShock Infinite finally hits store shelves. If you're like the majority, the sound of four more weeks of excruciating waiting isn’t exactly fantastic news, but fear not, Irrational Games is set on making it as peaceful of a wait as possible, starting with the release of BioShock Infinite Xbox Avatar items.

The BioShock Infinite Avatar Collection includes seven, Columbian-inspired accessories, props, and clothing items that fans will certainly want to show off on their LIVE Avatar. Items range in price from 80 MSP to 320 MSP depending on which item(s) you wish to download. Below you can view the entire collection: 

Handyman Hands - 240 MSPSongbird Plushie - 240 MSPEarly Elizabeth Outfit (Female) - 240 MSPSongbird Shirt (Female) - 80 MSPSongbird Shirt (Male) - 80 MSPMotorized Patriot Mask - 160 MSPSky-Hook - 320 MSP

To download items from the BioShock Infinite Avatar Collection directly to your Xbox 360, click here

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