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BioShock Infinite's audio makes for some awesome ringtones

BioShock Infinite songbird

Well, I found my new morning alarm. Due to overwhelming fan requests, the Irrational Games audio team has released several of BioShock Infinite's sound effects, tones, and interludes as downloadable files to use for your phone.

As eerie as it is, the Songbird Tune might just make for the perfect alarm clock. If the thought of a giant mechanical bird busting through your wall doesn't wake you up, then nothing will.

As of right now there are a total of seven tones available. Songbird Tune, Songbird Call, Lovers Inflamed, Value Appreciation, and Salt Machine Tone have been released from Irrational Games, while Microsoft's Major Nelson has two additional exclusive sounds: the new objective sound effect and the "step on up" quote from one of the vending machines.

You can download the pack of Irrational Games' five sound effects here:

Additionally, you can download Major Nelson's two exclusive sounds here:

Irrational Games is "looking at potentially creating another batch" of ringtones, so be sure to let them know your ideas. I'd love to hear one of Elizabeth yelling: "Booker, catch!"

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