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BioShock Infinite releases today, so here's a launch trailer

You probably don't need me to remind you, but BioShock Infinite releases today. Yes, the game that has been in development for what feels like eternity makes its much awaited debut today, and it certainly isn't lacking in favorable reviews. At the time of this writing, Bioshock Infinite sits at an impressive 95 on Metacritic.

Of course, not everyone was able to pick up their copy of the game this morning. For those of you stuck at the office, unable to rescue Elizabeth from the evil clutches of Columbia, you'll have to wait a few more hours. Don't worry, I've got a little something to help you with cravings -- a launch trailer filled with everything you can expect when you finally get to play BioShock Infinite.

Check back later today for GameZone's official review of BioShock Infinite.

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