BioShock Infinite introduces you to the Lamb of Columbia

The religious overtones in BioShock Infinite are running rampant. Everything from Sodom to the lamb references, Irrational and 2K Games are not holding back. I love it. No doubt the companies will somehow offend someone out there, but for the rest of us it’s a pretty damn sweet environment BioShock Infinite is bringing us into.  

As we all know, the ‘Lamb of Columbia’ is Elizabeth. Why is she there? What are her powers? Why does Columbia need her so? Why does she have a huge mechanical bird as a guardian? We’re going to have to wait and play to get these hard hitting answers. What nutty religious madness do the crazed citizens of Columbia have in store for this poor girl?

You best watch the trailer above. It makes me wonder what was so horrible that Booker yells “the deal is off” in the middle of the trailer; change of heart or too real?

Lamb of Columbia

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