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BioShock Infinite DLC still being worked on, says Levine

BioShock Infinite - Lutece Twins Coin Toss

That BioShock Infinite DLC you're all clamoring for? Don't worry, it's still being developed. Through his Twitter account, series creator Ken Levin offered a little update on the much-anticipated DLC to what is one of the best games of all-time. Basically, he said that it's being worked on, and that game development takes time, so have some patience. Here's Levine's tweet:

To the people upset that DLC hasn't been released yet, calm the f*ck down. Game developers just can't win nowadays. If they start working on DLC at the same time they're developing the game, they get ridiculed. If they have DLC available on release date, they get lambasted that it should've been part of the regular game. And if they wait until the game releases to start working on DLC, they get criticized that it's taking too long.

I think Ken Levine in company should take all the time in the world/multiple worlds to develop this DLC. BioShock Infinite was delayed a few times and that turned out just fine. Why rush something that'll add to one of the best game stories of this console generation?

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[Ken Levine's Twitter]

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