BioShock Infinite DLC could include a new AI companion

Bioshock Infinite Screenshot - BioShock Infinite - Elizabeth Cotton Candy

I can't remember the last time I've been excited for downloadable content. With most DLC add-ons viewed as shallow money grabs, BioShock Infinite is one of the few games that has actually sparked interest from fans. Many of us are simply curious as to how Irrational Games will manage to work in additional content to a story that was so tightly wrapped up in the end.

BioShock Infinite's DLC remains a close-guarded secret and other than us knowing that it will be a "real love letter to fans" -- whatever the heck that means -- it largely remains a mystery. However, we may have gotten our first clue thanks to a 2K senior artist's LinkedIn profile. The artist's CV noted (via Superannuation) that he's been "providing animation and R&D for a new AI companion character" in Infinite. Of course, this may result in more questions as it's not exactly clear who this new companion character will be, or what role they will serve.

Is Elizabeth being completely replaced? if so, then by who... or what? Will the DLC take place in an alternate universe where Elizabeth either doesn't exist or is in the form of something other than how we recognize her? Maybe you'll play in the dimension where Elizabeth is the new power in Columbia and one of the Luteces is attempting to help Booker. Who knows...

Like I said, this recent discovery may have done more harm than good. Either way, who or what would you like to see as a new companion in BioShock Infinite

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