BioShock Infinite ‘City in the Sky’ trailer brings us closer to judgment day

If tomorrow is February, then March is the following month, then technically starting tomorrow, BioShock Infinite will be out next month; mind blown. 2K Games and Irrational Games have released yet another tasty trailer today showing off Columbia ‘City in the Sky.’ Here you’ll see some of the wonders the industrial age has brought us, some mechanized wonders, and some near magical tonics.

This trailer definitely has some high religious and high patriotic over tones. When asked “where am I?” the voice answers, “Heaven friend, or closest we’ll see until judgment day.” Even the mechanized Washington breaks out of the glass and yells, “The Lord judges, I act.” The cult like fervor for their leader makes the citizens of Columbia quite unique. After all, when you’re floating through the air it may be best to put your full trust in those who run the place.

Check out the trailer above and remember, starting tomorrow, BioShock Infinite comes out NEXT MONTH!

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