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BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Episode Two tests your stealth skills with 1998 Mode


Back in January, Irrational Games revealed 1999 mode for BioShock Infinite. This mode -- unlocked by beating the game on "hard" (or using the Konami Code) -- drastically increased the difficulty of the game by changing several elements, including health and combat. 

With BioShock Infinite's upcoming DLC, Burial at Sea - Episode Two, Irrational Games is going back a year to 1998. The newly revealed 1998 mode for Burial at Sea looks to ramp up the difficulty by challenging you to complete the narrative using only non-lethal tools.

“In Burial at Sea – Episode Two we put a focus on balance and stealth mechanics,” said Ken Levine, creative director of Irrational Games. “As we were developing this new style of gameplay, we started to see people self-impose non-lethal playthrough’s. Given the fan reception of 1999 Mode, we thought it would be cool to give them another way to play Burial at Sea that challenged their mastery of stealth tools.

"We look forward to seeing our fans attempt to conquer 1998 Mode in BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Episode Two, utilizing the new stealth-oriented gameplay as you take on the role of Elizabeth, and see the world through her eyes," Levine concluded.

1998 Mode will be in addition to the game's existing difficulty modes, including 1999 Mode. BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Episode Two is due out on March 25. Will you accept the challenge?

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