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BioShock 2 Will Release For MAC


Since February of last year, BioShock 2 has been scooping up little sisters and collecting that ADAM on multiple platforms.  As of January 2012, BioShock 2 will add MAC to its list of playable platforms. 

The edition of BioShock 2 will include a multiplayer mode called “The Fall of Rapture.”  In this mode, you play as a mutated test subject from Sinclair Solutions and engage in the pre-original BioShock civil war that tore Rapture apart. 

Surprisingly, this MAC edition is selling for $34.95.  I only say this is surprising because the game is nearly 2 years old and you can get it on other platforms for under $10.  The game is definitely worNow th that price but it still confuses me. 

Strap on that Big Daddy suit and get a drillin on MAC.

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