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There were previously talks regarding a 3DS version of The Binding of Isaac, the Zelda-inspired roguelike shooter from Super Meat Boy co-creator Edmund McMillen. Unfortunately, it looks like owners of Nintendo's dual screen handheld won't be getting one of last year's coolest indie titles, because the company shot down the idea. Poop.

On his Twitter account, McMillen stated that the Big N came to the decision after noting that it didn't want religious content on its platforms. Now, Nintendo never said anything against blasphemous content--the company simply doesn't want anything with actual bible stuff on it. That's really a shame, and it speaks volumes of the censorship that's still plaguing the video game industry. Considering the obvious Zelda inspiration in The Binding of Isaac, it's a total shame the game won't be playable on a Nintendo platform. Not cool.

Thankfully, McMillen also mentioned that this hideous move on the part of Nintendo (those are my words) would not affect his relationship with the company. "FYI everyone, we are not at all on bad terms with Nintendo," tweeted the indie dev. "its their platform their rules, this wont effect any future games with them!"

McMillen went on to praise Steam for providing complete freedom for developers. He also clarified that there are no problems between Sony and Team Meat. That's great news, and hopefully it shuts up all those people who keep saying things like, "Oh em gee! Sony hates Team Meat and Team Meat hates Sony!!!!1111" Let's also hope it means we'll get The Binding of Isaac on the PlayStation Vita!

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