Binary Domain Reveals the Consequence System

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What is it?

Consequence is a gameplay system unique to Binary Domain that combines gameplay elements and AI to create different in-game experiences based on your actions, your choices and your words. The fundamental element of The Consequence System is trust.

Certain actions will raise a characters trust and others will lower it. These reactions take place both in combat and when talking to your team outside of the missions.

Conversation can be divisive, often setting one squad member against another, and your choices will have an impact on their opinions of you and their actions throughout the story of Binary Domain.

This isn’t a simple choice of go it alone or work as a team, each squad member has a different personality and will respond differently to your actions, meaning there’s no right and wrong, just your way of play.

How do you influence it?

The Consequence system allows you to speak to characters directly using a headset: Issuing orders, responding to dialogue and holding conversations. The game features voice recognition in 6 languages. And for those who need a little quiet while they play, you can also use the gamepad to issue orders and hold conversation.

It’s also as much about what you do as what you say. Charging forward alone, covering your friends or leaving them exposed can have different consequences beyond the obvious. Some characters might respect you acting alone, proving yourself as a leader. Others will damn you for breaking ranks and not following orders. It all depends on you reading your team, and their opinion of you.

What makes it different?

Unlike other games with dialogue or personality systems Binary Domain’s Consequence System is not a simple choice of good or bad or right and wrong.

You’re not being asked to choose between a clearly good and a clearly bad response at random plot points. Your constant attitude to the people in your squad and catering to (or Not) their personality in both dialogue and combat affect their views of you.

Consequence is an iterative system that builds based on your actual in-game behaviour, aggression, courage, cowardice, pace and your dialogue with the other members of your squad.

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