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Bill Roper Leaves Cryptic Studios


Bill Roper today announced his departure from Cryptic Studios, the developer of Champions Online. He worked with the studio for two years, and says that his "entrepreneurial spirit has become restless," and it's time for him to move and seek out new opportunities. He hasn't mentioned what his next move is.

Below is his open letter to fans:

"Greetings, Cryptic fans! For the past two years I’ve had the extreme privilege of working with an amazing array of talented developers and just plain great people here at Cryptic Studios. Over the past few months my entrepreneurial spirit has become restless, and I’ve made the difficult decision to move on and look for new opportunities.

The effort and dedication that has gone into the launching of Champions Online and Star Trek Online, as well as the continued support of these games in the months that followed, shows the passion that everyone here has for the games and our community. And even as verbose as I usually am, I can’t properly express how incredibly inspiring it has been to work with the people here at Cryptic and how much I’ve learned from my time here. Most importantly, I learned a lot from you – our players. In the months and years ahead, I hope to be able to apply that knowledge and continue to create worlds and games that entertain. Thank you all for both the support and the kicks in the ass that have pushed me to constantly evaluate and grow.

Finally, you’ll see me around because I’m going to continue playing the games that Cryptic develops. I know first-hand the people here deeply care about what they do. It shows in their efforts as they strive to continually make the games better and better. It’s been a true honor to have been a part of it all.

See you online! -Bill Roper"

via Cryptic Studios

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