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Big Viking Games acquires YoVille, renames it to YoWorld


YoVille has been saved! Big Viking Games and Zynga have officially reached an agreement to transfer ownership of YoVille back to the original developer. 

"We are very pleased to announce that Big Viking Games has successfully negotiated the acquisition of YoVille!" Big Viking Games announced. "On May 12th, the game will go offline for roughly 24 hours while all the necessary information is transferred to us."

The transfer of YoVille will include all of your individual game history and details, meaning you shouldn't lose any past progress you made. The only catch is that when the game comes back online, it'll be known as YoWorld. It'll be wholly owned and operated by Big Viking Games.

"This turn of events is without precedent, and it never could have happened without your endless support and campaigning," Big Viking Games said on the YoWorld website. "We are blown away by your love and devotion for the game, and the fact that you never gave up hope. You have truly shown us what the community is made of, and we at Big Viking Games are both proud and honored to be lucky enough to work with you in ushering in a new era of the game."

Though we will have to wait until next week for full details, Big Viking Games did share an overall ouline for the future of YoWorld, and that is to make the game "bigger and better," while fixing the bugs and loophoes. They also intend to work with players to create exciting new content and features.

"The scope of taking over a living, breathing game like YoWorld, complete with over 6 years of history, is huge," Big Viking Games explained. "Not just technologically, but also from a production standpoint. We’ve had many, many discussions on how to proceed, and we always come back to the same 3 core ideas – our YoValues."

While the official game's page has a more in-depth explanation, the core YoValues are establishing a safe and secure world to avoid cheaters and scammers, increased community engagement with player feedback, and re-establishing a system that encourages user generated experiences.

If you decide to start from scratch with YoWorld, you must first fill out Zynga's Account Deletion Form.For more information regarding the transfer of YoVille to YoWorld, check out the official FAQ page.
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