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Big spaceship crash action in this Firefall opening cinematic

Not sure what's going on in Firefall's opening? Here's the backstory:

Firefall is an event that takes place almost 200 years in the future. An asteroid was predicted to fly right next to Earth and be a "near miss." However the asteroid instead hits the gravity well of the Moon and shatters. Many of these shards begin to slam into the Earth while the bulk of the asteroid enters a low, decaying orbit around the Earth, pelting it with even more debris that continued to break off of the asteroid. Eventually the asteroid itself crashes into the Earth, and with this event, plummets mankind into a new dark age known as the Nine Year Winter. Many of the larger governments fragment during this time, while other nations bind together forming a strong, unified alliance.

However, during this dark age, scientists in Japan stumble upon a new element called crystite. However what they first observed was not real crystite, which is called seed crystite. Only later when shifting through the crash site were they able to find this new element, but only a gram or two was actually uncovered through the sifting of the earth. Many of the studies on crystite show that it basically turns the known laws of physics on their head, and crystite quickly becomes a way to generate a massive amount of power with almost unlimited potential. Soon it becomes the primary power source in the world and a new golden age comes to pass. However, crystite itself is a substance that is a foreign element that came from the asteroid that impacted into the Earth and although it is a resource potentially without limits the world wanted more.

Humanity was then able to plot the trajectory of the asteroid and realize that the asteroid hails from the distant solar system of Alpha Centauri. Space-faring ships are then built and sent out on the long journey to discover the source of where crystite originated. After four years of space travel the first colonists arrive and find a world with an overabundance of crystite. The first colony is created and established with the name Alpha Prime. As the first massive payload arrives back on earth seven more ships are created and begin to ferry resources to and from the two solar systems.

Despite this new source of energy, the world governments begin to fear that with the reliance on crystite, if there was ever a revolt on Alpha Prime they could potentially bring Earth to its knees. Fearing this they begin in earnest to create and perfect a technology called arcfolding, which effectively creates a wormhole capable of transporting matter large distances in a matter of seconds. The first tests, however, showed that whatever was sent through using arcfolding technology would freeze to almost absolute zero. Eventually, an energy field was created and was able to shield organic life with the first successful test being a mouse sent from Cambridge to San Francisco with only a location deviation of 0.2 millimeters. With this technology, instead of ships taking an eight-year round trip voyage, a ship could do each leg of the journey in eight days.

And so the creation of the Arclight came to pass. With the resources and collaboration of the entire world, the creation of the ship took only a few years from start to finish. A massive ship roughly the size of a city with two massive crystite reactors to assist with safely arcfolding the crew and all those inside. It was meant to be a symbol of power over Alpha Prime and to serve as a headquarters from which Earth could secure its future. However something went dreadfully wrong with its maiden launch.

The Arclight attempted its first arcfold from a Lagrange point in its orbit for stability purposes. As the Arclight began to fold space it created what seems to be a large tear in the fabric of the universe from which The Melding, a giant energy storm, began to pour out of the rift. The Melding itself has now settled in swaths across the Earth, leaving only small pockets of the Earth livable.

The Melding mutates and transforms all life and even the terrain of the planet. Recently, humanity has come under attack by a race calling themselves the Chosen who have emerged from the Melding. The player takes on the role of a surviving member of the human race in the fight to push back both the Chosen and rid the Earth of the Melding.

At this point in time it is known that the Arclight itself crashed in Fortaleza, Brazil, but the field the Arclight generates from the seed crystite powering its still active engines have been able to keep the Melding at bay. Engineers are scared to cannibalize the Arclight as the field residue, known as a STIZ bubble, is vital to Fortaleza and to do so would surely jeopardize all those living under its protection.

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