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Big Sonic the Hedgehog sale on Steam


I picked up a ton of games during the Steam holiday sales, though of all the titles I snagged (Mass Effect, Hitman, Batman, etc) none have been more outrageously fun than Sonic Generations. The blazing fast action platformer is quite obviously the best Sonic game seen in years, and whipping through it's zany levels at breakneck speed is a damned thrill. 

This is why seeing that Sonic Generations is again half price on Steam ($14.99), I urge anyone who's been on the fence about buying it, to make the plunge! It really is ridiculously fun, and gives me new hope for the struggling Sonic franchise.

Also 50% off this Sonic-themed weekend are a variety of classic Sonic titles, such as Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic & Knuckles. It's your call on how much Sonic you need in your life, but seriously, if you've even got a sliver of love for the series you owe it to yourself to pick up Generations.

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