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Big shakeups happening in gaming journalism sector


The world of gaming journalism is being shaken up today, with two of the biggest sites in the industry making some very notable moves.

Reports are coming in through Twitter that many staff members and writers have been laid off, with editors Matt Leone, Thierry Nguyen and Paul Furfari as the most notable personalities to get the cut. What this says for the future of the IGN/UGO owned property is unknown, though with three core members of the editorial staff getting the axe, it's obvious that the site is in for a major shake-up.

Meanwhile, Gamasutra is reporting that is being purchased by CBS Interactive, owners of competing publication This is especially notable as GiantBomb was formed in the wake of owner Jeff Gerstmann's firing from GameSpot, following his controversial review of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. Gerstmann seems willing to bury the hatchet however, promising fans that the Kane & Lynch payola scandal is in the past, and that GiantBomb's editorial standards will remain strong despite the website buyout.

Definitely a very interesting day for the world of gaming journalism. We'll be keeping an eye out for more details on both the 1UP firings and GiantBomb's purchase as they become available.

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