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Beyond the Horizon Launches for Bounty Bay Online

January 20, 2010

Beyond the Horizon Launches for Bounty Bay Online

Yo-Ho-Ho-Ho and a bottle of Rum

Frogster have released the biggest ever expansion for Bounty Bay Online, “Beyond the Horizon” free to download now. Players can take to the seas as one of five available unique character classes, further elaborating on the character development of the rum-swigging, treasure-looting MMO. Beyond professions and skills, players can now live the lives of the five classes and take to the seas as a Treasure Hunter, Armed Businessman, Imperial Guardian, Military officer or a Caribbean Pirate; each with their own defining special abilities, which can be expanded in a comprehensive skills tree.

For the first time players can take the route around Cape Horn, circumnavigate the whole of the historical seafarer world and travel to a new continent. High level players will be taken to the new continent of South America to experience the legendary Mayan civilization. Featuring new demanding questlines, beautiful stepped-pyramid-strewn scenery and a whole new instance. Six new cities and harbors across North and South America await!

Beginners will be greeted by a new beginner friendly tutorial quest series to guide them into the new class system as well as introducing them to the basics of the game. New dialogue boxes and an interactive quest guide have been implemented alongside a new window for PVP events and world announcements, culminating in a much more user friendly experience.

Pets have been expanded upon, offering four new companions; Hell Wolf, Ice Fairy, Shadow Reaper and Wild bull. Each has the previous values of loyalty, health, experience and pet levels but features new additional attributes of “Damage Bonus” and “Critical Strike”. The new pets can be supplied with special equipment and exclusive skills and thanks to their own personal inventories, offer more storage space for your character!

Free-to-read online gaming magazine, Thirteen1 recently published a two part tour of the “Beyond the Horizon” content, including a free chance to win a rare Shadow Reaper pet - guaranteed to shiver the timbers of anyone who tries to get in your way.

For more information on the new “Beyond the Horizon” features, please visit:

To enter the free competition for a Shadow Reaper pet, please visit:

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