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Beyond Protocol's Preorder Package

September 2, 2008


Beyond Protocol's Preorder Package


Beyond Protocol, the new MMORTS, is now presenting its preorder package. This package includes benefits for those who support the game before launch as well as an incentive for Guilds and individual players to GET TESTING!


What do you get by Preordering?

- Instant access to the Closed Beta and access to the game until live release, for those of you who can’t wait for Open Beta or don’t want to be left out.

- The first month’s subscription AFTER the game’s live release.

- A 24 hour head start on all non preordered accounts, so you can establish yourself and perhaps your guild, before the public arrives.

- Preorders are also forever endowed with a special hull type. This hull will only be available in the hull designer of a preordered account. Use it to create a super elite task force, a well defended convoy, or a bargaining chip on the open market. The choice is yours if you preorder!


What if an entire guild preorders?

Another great reason to preorder, and get your friends to do the same, becomes apparent if you intend to found, join up with, or even look for a guild before the game goes live. Any guild with 20 preorders before October 1st will be awarded, not only a special space station hull, but in addition a special skin for that station which includes a logo of that guild’s design. The special hull is permanent, while the special skin requires only that the guild be active in the game to retain it.


What is this going to cost?

Our preorder is 49.95 USD and you can choose to have the retail box shipped to you for an additional shipping charge.


Subscription costs once the game is released will be:

- 12USD per month

- 30USD per quarter (3 months)

- 100USD per year (12 months)


Finally, if you are already in the Beta and it's motivation you're looking for, here it comes. If a tester account logs over 10 days worth of in game play time from September 1st, 2008, to October 31st, 2008 AND preorders the game, that account will receive a special rate of 15USD per quarter for the life of the account. Want to know how much you have?  Do a /played in your chat window and it will tell you.


Are you still reading this? Why aren't you preordering Beyond Protocol? If you already have, why aren't you telling your friends to? Maybe you're just looking for a link, or some more eyecandy or perhaps a thorough FAQ style description of the game. If that's not it, then take your time and consider carefully. We wouldn't want to pressure you into anything! If you have yet to play the game, check out our forums, the gallery, and google “Beyond Protocol”. However, if you have played the game, ask yourself:

- Has there really been a game that brings about strategy as much as Beyond Protocol?

- Has there been one that offered you as many options as Beyond Protocol?

- How about a game with a larger scope than Beyond Protocol?

- Have you encountered a game where the creators gave diplomatic power to its players, with which they can change the game to suit the community as a whole better?


If you can say yes to all four of these, then go play that game and compare it to this one. You will be back, but don't miss out on free beta time, preorder now!


If you have questions, go to our website and click the link on the left for Live Chat.  Our Customer Service Reps are ready to answer your questions immediately.



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