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Beyond Protocol Release Date Reset

August 20, 2008

Beyond Protocol Release Date Reset

The release date for the new MMORTS, Beyond Protocol, is now November 21st of 2008. This change is the result of an increase in overall quality assurance.

If you have not seen Beyond Protocol before, it was forged of a genre many are unfamiliar with. This alone has drawn a great deal of attention, but when face to face with the many features the game has to offer, it is quite obvious that it is not the genre which makes the game what it is. There are four distinct sections to the game. Combat, Research, Diplomacy and Trade. In combat, players are given an array of customizable options, to tailor each unit’s behavior and a fleet’s formation. Battles rage on planets, in space and across star systems. The game’s unique approach to research makes each confrontation different because each player is allowed to customize just about every aspect of their technology. Armor, engines, hulls, radar, shields, and weapons can all be uniquely created and then placed on a land, naval, air or space faring vessel. This applies to facilities and space stations as well. Governed by a randomized overall “special research” cloud, each empire develops differently. The diplomacy in Beyond Protocol can be honest and upfront or cloak and dagger. With a galactic senate voting on actual game play mechanics and agents willing to infiltrate, silently crippling any other empire, there is plenty of room for “negotiation”. Lastly, the unique economy that Beyond Protocol has, with player designed components and ships, combined with tradable intelligence, allows those wanting to make their mark through trade able to do so.

While the game will be close to production status by the end of August, sufficient time must be allotted for bug detection and extermination. Many new features are about to be added to the game, in the August 23rd patch. We at Dark Sky Entertainment would like to be sure that customers receive the utmost in quality service.

This means two things. First it extends the free play time for any of you who have preordered the game already, meaning the beta will last longer, free of charge. Second, if you haven’t preordered the game, you just found another reason to. In addition to a 24 head start on the public, on the permanent servers, a special in game hull, and a month’s subscription, if you order now, you’ll also be able to play the beta for about three months beforehand as a bonus. If you can’t wait for November, but you don’t want to preorder, your alternative is to wait for the open beta. Just hope that seats don’t fill up before you get your chance!

Either way, big things are happening for Beyond Protocol. Keep your eyes open, the strategies coming, and your imagination active!

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