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Beyond: Two Souls Review Round-up


Beyond: Two Souls releases today exclusively for PlayStation 3 so as is our new tradition, we've scoured the internet for all the game's reviews. It seems early reviews for the game are all across the board with sites like IGN giving it a 6/10, while Gamespot gives it a 9/10. GameZone falls nicely in between with a 7.5/10, and you can read our full review here.

Check out the scores for Beyond: Two Souls below:

IGN - 6/10

"...never before have I felt like such a passive participant in a video game, my choices and actions merely icing on a dense, multi-layered cake. Playing Beyond is a memorable experience, yes, but a good video game it is not; and while the credits were rolling I admit to thinking I would have been happier to sit back and watch a movie version that was eight-and-a-half hours shorter."

Eurogamer - 6/10

"Beyond: Two Souls has been formatted for screens it will never appear on. The entirety of this expansive, expensive paranormal thriller from French studio Quantic Dream is presented in the super-widescreen 'scope' film format, and shows between thick black bars on your TV set. Just like a movie."

Gamespot - 9/10

"Beyond: Two Souls is a gripping adventure that doesn't get lost in its supernatural setup. It's Jodie's transformation from scared child to confident adult that's so mesmerizing, and you grow to care for her as you become invested in her plight."

Polygon - 8/10

"With Beyond: Two Souls, Quantic Dream has smoothed away nearly all the rough edges in how it presents its stories. The other edge of that sword is that it lays the stories themselves bare to be judged entirely on their own. With so many of the traditional elements of gameplay stripped away, like challenge and exploration, a tremendous amount of weight is put on Beyond's story to carry the day."

EDGE - 5/10

"Yet this is a game almost entirely bereft of tension, one in which failure goes largely unpunished and is almost always inconsequential. There is emotion here, but it’s felt passively, as spectator instead of player."

Destructoid - 5/10

"For all the complaints that can be leveled at Beyond -- and they can be leveled in feckless abundance -- the overwhelming problem with it is that it's just plain boring."

These are just a few of the reviews that are pouring in. Like I said, scores ranging all across the board. It seems that the best option would be for you to just download the demo and check out the game for yourself. It may not be for everyone, but I enjoyed it.

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