Beyond: Two Souls leaked release date is incorrect

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Sony has confirmed that the leaked release date for Beyond: Two Souls is incorrect. 

Earlier in the day, the official website for Beyond: Two Souls listed the game's release for May 25, 2013. The fact that the 25th is a Saturday should've been the first sign that the date was wrong, as game's typically release on Tuesday's in the United States. Shortly after, the date was updated to just 2013.

Following up on the issue, Sony said: "We have not announced a release date for Beyond: Two Souls outside of the 2013 time frame."

"In fact, David Cage recently shared that the title is preparing for the alpha version so the date reported on the product site is incorrect and has since been updated."

Beyond: Two Souls is said to be inspired by the shocking loss of Cage's family member, and will be more about the "emotional journey" of exploring life beyond death.

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