Beyond: Two Souls has an exceptionally long script

Beyond: Two Souls Screenshot - Beyond: Two Souls script

Sony's doing a little bragging about Beyond: Two Souls, the upcoming interactive-drama game from developer Quantic Dream. People have now laid hands on 2,000 blank pages of mock script.

The script book (pictured here) doesn't contain any actual words, but it's meant to represent all the scenes in the game put together. That's a lot of content.

CNET's Dan Ackerman posted the photo on Facebook, writing, "Yesterday was Earth Day; today Sony sends over 2,000 blank pages to show off how big the script for Beyond: Two Souls is."

Of course, games aren't like books — what might take an hour to read could be covered in half the time just by listening and talking to characters in-game. We'll have to wait until October 8 just to find out how meaty the dialogue and cutscenes in Beyond really are.

Still, this is impressive. Quantic Dream is obviously devoted to making a rich game. The developer also put considerable thought into the game's box art, which was revealed last week.


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