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Beyond: Two Souls dev diary explores redesigned interface and gameplay

Beyond: Two Souls

The second video of a four part "Making Of" series for Beyond: Two Souls has been released. The highly anticipated PS3 exclusive title, described best as an "emotional journey," follows protagonist Jodie Holmes, played by Hollywood actress Ellen Page, as she grows and evolves over 15 years and discovers more about what's beyond our world.

For anyone who has played Quantic Dreams previous title, Heavy Rain, you already know that the studio is all about creating interactive experiences with emotion at their core. But to do so, you need to help the player forget they are playing a game and immerse them within the game's story and environment. To do this with Beyond: Two Souls, the team redesigned the user interface to provide a more intuitive and immersive gameplay experience. Today's video goes behind the scenes of the game's development while showing off what Beyond will be like to play.

If you missed last week's Making Of video, check out how the project came about and what it was like to be involved. Next week's video will focus on Beyond's year-long motion capture shoot, while lead actors Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe discuss what it was like to be involved in Quantic Dream's latest project.

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