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Beyond: Two Souls' companion app, Beyond Touch, now available


Beyond Touch, the mobile companion app that allows you to play Beyond: Two Souls on your iOS and Android devices, is now available for download. Designed to make the game more approachable and accessible to those who are not comfortable with traditional game controllers, Beyond Touch offers simplified touchscreen command inputs.

The release of the app means you can now play the entire game, in Solo mode or in Duo Mode, with a smartphone or tablet, instead of the DualShock controller. In Solo mode, you control both Jodie and Aiden using a simplified gameplay interface design specifically for touch screen devices.

Duo Mode, meanwhile, lets two players enjoy the story of Beyond: Two Souls. One person can play as Jodie while other assumes the role of Aiden. Both players are free to use whatever controller they want. You can use two DualShock controllers, one DualShock and one smart device, or even two smart devices.

In late September, Quantic Dream's David Cage said that Beyond Touch was designed with Heavy Rain in mind. He explained that many people played Heavy Rain with a significant other looking off, often calling the shots but not directly controlling the character. That's exactly how I played it -- with my fiancée calling the shots and simply enjoying the story and I performed the tasks.

Beyond: Two Souls has been out for a few weeks now, but it might be fun to go relive the experience with a companion and see if you get one of the many different endings.

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