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Beyond: Two Souls box art features Ellen Page front and center

Beyond: Two Souls cover art featuring Ellen Page

Given the amount of emphasis placed upon actress Ellen Page starring in Quantic Dream's Beyond: Two Souls, it shouldn't really come as a surprise that the the critically acclaimed star is center stage on the game's box cover.

"We worked together with the team at Quantic Dream to choose an image that we felt was both cinematic and in keeping with the emotional journey that the final game will take you on, SCEA associate product marketing manager Derek Osgood said, explaining the reasoning behind the cover art. "We hope you like it."

We're used to scrutinizing box art with today's games, mostly because we've come to expect so much out of them. As you can tell, the game's star power was obviously a point of emphasis. So was the game's unique approach to storytelling.

"Beyond is so unique in the sense that it spans a character’s entire lifetime and takes place in such a vast array of locations and situations, that picking a singular image to represent the game effectively really does feel like digging for a needle in a haystack," Osgood continued. 

"Ultimately, we decided on the packshot you see above because it felt sophisticated, mature and different from most traditional game packaging, and it really captures the emotion Ellen Page conveyed in her performance as Jodie. The image of Jodie at peace in the eye of the storm really speaks to her constant battle with the incredible gift she’s been given."

Suddenly, it's not as generic -- once you hear the reasoning and explanation behind the decision, that is. I feel like this is the case with may games. As generic as they may appear, there's a chance there is deeper meaning behind it -- as was the case with BioShock Infinite. Except for military first-person shooters; those always have to have the generic soldier walking towards you. That's the rule.

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