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Beyond: Two Souls a 'much different' game than Heavy Rain, says David Cage


Despite the comparisons Beyond: Two Souls has drawn to Heavy Rain, which also happened to be created by the same studio, Quantic Dream's David Cage insists the two games are "very different" from one another.

"Probably much more than people can imagine," he said. Speaking to PS Blog for a quick update, Cage laid out the basic differences between the two games.

"The first obvious difference is that there will be two characters to control: Jodie and this entity that is Aiden," Cage explained. "We can do some really interesting things with Aiden: fly, walk through walls and interact with matter or characters in a rather peculiar way. What we showed at E3 was in fact a working version based on the same interface as Heavy Rain, but it is not the final interface of the game."

Cage also pointed out that the gameplay is a "balance that will be a little different from Heavy Rain, where we are really aiming for the atmosphere of a psychological thriller."

"Beyond, of course, will also have these components of emotion, depth of characters, strong moments, but there will also be a more epic, dramatic dimension," he added. It's all part of Quantic Dream's goal of sending the player on an "emotional journey" which was inspired by the loss of one of Cage's family members.

"All this will be part of a story with a logical narrative following the philosophy that each scene must be unique and different," he explained. "Take the forest scene for example. This is the only scene like this in the game. We will have more epic scenes and other action scenes, but they will be radically different and have nothing to do with each other in terms of environment and the type of action involved."

Cage concluded, "Our goal is not to release a game that will just please the fans of Heavy Rain and that we could say, 'Ah, yes, it’s like Heavy Rain but a little better'. The idea is really to surprise players and show them that we can actually go much further with the concept of Heavy Rain."

A release date for Beyond: Two Souls is still unknown, but in the same interview, Cage said development is "going very well."

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