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Bethesda: "You" Can't Beat Skyrim In 2 Hours


Last week Bethesda performed their annual speed test run of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  The competition pits two developers against each other in a timed-trial run throught he main quest line (with no cheats allowed).  When it was all said and done Bethesda revealed that the speed run took 2 hours, 16 minutes, and 10 seconds. *Cue gasps*

Surely, a game as massive as Skyrim will take longer than two hours.  We were promised hours on hours of gameplay!  Just as soon as Bethesda announced it, news posts shot up.  "Skyrim only takes 2 hours to beat".  Come on, folks. Surely, the majority of you know that Skyrim will take longer than that....right?

Hopefully this comes as common knowledge, but the speed test is performed by testers who have played the game for hours.  Still, there were those fans who were taken aback by the headlines and felt the need to ask VP of PR and Marketing at Bethesda Pete Hines if it "is true you can finish the skyrim main story in 2 hours".

Obviously not.  Pete Hines repied, "I can't, and neither can you.  A test who has done nothing but play the game for 1,000 hours, he can do it on a speedrun."

Rest assured, Skyrim fans.  It will take you longer than 2 hours to finish Skyrim.  Still, there are those who will accept the speedrun challenge.




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