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If you've caught glimpse of the latest tweet by Bethesda on their Bethblog twitter, then you're already aware of the screenshot that was posted.

There are no details whatsoever on what it might be, except for the Tweet simply stating: Tomorrow.

Whether this has anything to do with Skyrim, or Fallout is all up in the air right now, but fans across twitter have been posting their thoughts, which we'll share with you here.

Though it is important to note that some have found a very close correlation between this picture and Dishonored with the white line on the collar, which does seem to match in the picture as well.

Twitter responses

dockhag: Its most likely Skyrim DLC. That looks like a young Ulfric. Maybe Thalmor DLC?

RubMyDucky: I doubt it's Skyrim DLC. The guy in the shadows has a coat of some type on. Probably something about Dishonored, maaaaybe even Doom 4? ;-)

FT59148192: A refugee? maybe a prisoner? we'll see! The CG looks amazing.

ryans2oo9: Fallout 4? (I hope)

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