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Bethesda: Skyrim Trailer "Was a Mix" of Platforms


Way back in February it was confirmed that the initial Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim trailer was captured entirely on Xbox 360.  Multiple sources at Bethesda confirmed this in February, including Community Manager Nick Breckon.

Now, a mere 10 days before Skyrim's release it looks like this may not have been entirely true.  As it turns out, Bethesda's VP of PR and Marketing Pete Hines got into a little verbal scuffle with some fans on Twitter when it was revealed that the initial Skyrim trailer was created using a mix of consoles! *dun dun dun*

The accidental spill came when a fan asked why we haven't sen any PC footage of Skyrim and Hines referred tot he initial trailer and said, "There you go.  PC footage."  This is in sharp contrast to what Bethesda reported earlier, but Hines continued, "Trailer wasn't all one platform.  It was a mix."

Commence the "Skyrim looks better on (insert platform)" argument.  The platform police immediately took to Twitter and called out Bethesda for initially saying the trailer was Xbox 360 footage.

Hines calmy responded to the situation, "dunno who actually said it but the trailer is both.  So you can calm down now and understand misinfo doesn't equal lies."  Hines did reiterate that the "three part (20 min) demo is 100% 360."

It's easy to see why some fans are little on edge about Skyrim on different platforms.  The age-old argument about which platform it would look best on is a touchy subject for console fanboys.  Fans are especially wary of Skyrim's graphics on Xbox 360 and PS3.  They want the best gaming experience possible and want to ensure they won't be shafted on the magnificent graphics Skyrim has to offer by getting it on console.  The especially small 3.8 GB Xbox 360 install size didn't do much to quell the fears either.  Many wonder how such a massive game can be so small in size, despite Hines constantly reiterating that a "new engine & we're much better at compression (art/voice/data)" has led to better optimization and a smaller size.

At this time, what platform the initial trailer captured on is a moot point.  It's been proven with videos, demos, screenshots that Skyrim will look fantastic on all platforms.  I think fans are more upset with the fact that they feel they were initially lied to when Bethesda claimed the trailer was recorded on Xbox 360.  Still, it's nothing to get upset over since Bethesda has since released TONS of gameplay footage on the Xbox 360, including this 3 part demo.  Honestly, can you even tell the difference between this and the PC version?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is set to release on November 11 for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.  And despite these recent revealings, it will look fantastic on all three platforms.  Judging from our recent Skyrim graphical comparison to Oblivion, you are in for quite a treat, no matter what platform you get it on.

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