Bethesda revealing mystery game tomorrow as they release a third teaser

Screenshot - Secret Bethesda game

Bethesda has released a third teaser video for the studio's mysterious game. This time it shows a window with a shadowy figure approaching, followed by the outline of what appears to be a vine (or barbed wire) in the lower right corner. Whatever it is, the same object was briefly shown in the very first teaser. Very strange, yet totally intriguing.

The second video was equally as strange, showing a patch of sunflowers being burned -- presumably by the creepy man with his gut hanging out. I'm assuming the shadowy figure in today's video is the same dude lurking in the background of yesterday's teaser.

Bethesda's Pete Hines has already shot down rumors that the game is a new Fallout entry. Those of you looking for more answers, be sure to check back tomorrow as the developer/publisher promised the mystery will be revealed tomorrow.

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