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Bethesda replaces Prey's Opening Hour Demo with a Free Trial

Progress and achievements will carry over.

It looks like Bethesda is ramping up on Prey discounts this month, with used copies of the game going for $20 on Gamefly as well as 50% discounts for digital copies on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One. Coinciding with these temporary price drops comes an announcement that the Opening Hour demo is being replaced by a free trial. PC Gamers, who previously did not have access to the game, will now be able to give the game a test run with the free trial.

Bethesda also released a new trailer to advertise the trial.

The big difference between the Opening Hour demo and the Free Trial is that the trial is essentially the full game with fewer restrictions. So any progress you make or achievements you unlock will carry over should you decide to commit to a purchase.

Prey originally released back in May to a mostly positive reception. The game currently has an 89% Positive user score on Steam and emulates the mechanics of the modern classic, BioShock. For more on Prey, check out the official GameZone review


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