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Bethesda Confirms 'No Werewolves' in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Sad news for Team Jacob fans.  It appears as if werewolves won't be included in the official release of Elder Scrolls V: Skryim. In an interview with Dutch website 9lives, Skyrim Art Director Matt Carofano confirmed that there are no werewolves in Skyrim.

Carofano didn't rule out the possibility of including werewolves in future DLC expansions of Skyrim.  "We currently have no werewolves in the game, but it's definitely something to think about," noted Carofano.

Team Edward fans will be pleased to  know that Skyrim does have vampires.  "How progress youw ill play the vampire, the more people will begin to attack you in cities.  Also, the vampire is much weaker during the daylight."  Unlike the Twilight representation, Skyrim vampires won't sparkle in the sunlight.

9lives did try to squeeze out some more information about Skyrim, like the approximate time it takes to complete the game.

"Wow, that's extremely difficult to estimate for us, but if you only do the main quest without anything around you, about thirty hours.  Of course, there is much more than the main quest,if you want to do anything in the game, it'll be hundreds of hours."

That's quite a difference than the 2 hour completion time it took Behtesda during their speedrun test last week. 

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