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Beta tests planned for Blizzard All-Stars and Diablo 3 expansion

Two of Blizzard's most anticipated projects, Blizzard All-Stars and the Diablo 3 expansion, will have some sort of community beta test, according to Chief Creative Officer Rob Pardo.

We don't exactly know how far along these projects are, but it's comforting to know Blizzard will allow the gaming community to get their hands on them prior to release. Of course, this is really nothing new from the company. Blizzard does a great job of community testing with its fans and when it comes to MOBAs, you can never have too much testing beforehand.

But while we do know betas will be conducted, the actual games are still a mystery. We haven't heard much about Blizzard All-Stars since its announcement.  The latest update, from StarCraft 2 production director Chris Sigaty only revealed that Blizzard is "actively working" on the game and that they are analyzing the business model of it. A beta test will provide some valuable feedback in an genre Blizzard is relatively new in.

As far as Diablo 3's expansion, Blizzard hasn't even officially announced it yet. All we have to go by is Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime's quote from an investor call in which he said, "We do have a plan" regarding an expansion. He could offer no timeline, however.

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