Best Buy and Activision Team Up for Holiday Specials

Tony Hawk: Shred Screenshot - 868079

If you were expecting some sort of Lifetime movie "holiday special", you're out of luck. Activision and Best Buy have nothing but dollar signs in their eyes, though for a change they're considerably less dollars than usual.

Running through Christmas Day, select Activision games (particularly those with peripherals) are seeing savings of up to $25: Save $25 on Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock guitar bundles Save $10 on the biggest game of the year - Call of Duty: Black Ops for Xbox 360, PS3 or PC Save $25 on Cabela's Dangerous Hunts with Top Shot Elite peripheral Save $25 on Rapala Pro Fishing with rod Save $20 on Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock band bundles Save $25 on DJ Hero 2 Turntable bundles Save $25 on Tony Hawk: SHRED board bundles Save $10 on Wipeout for Wii and Nintendo DS These deals are available for a limited time only at Best Buy.

William Haley
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