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Beowulf the Game - Monsters Within Trailer / Achievements Revealed

November 13, 2007

Beowulf the Game - Monsters Within Trailer / Achievements Revealed

Ubisoft today announced the release of the new "Monsters Within” trailer for Beowulf, an action combat video game based on Paramount Pictures' and Shangri-La Entertainment's Beowulf, the upcoming feature film from Academy Award-winning director Robert Zemeckis. The Beowulf video game is being developed by the award-winning team that created the original Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter in Ubisoft's Tiwak studio and is scheduled for worldwide release in conjunction with the movie's opening in November 2007.

Click here to download the new Beowulf trailer.

Beowulf - Monsters Within Trailer:
Beowulf is an ageless hero with the strength of 30 men in his arms. What, exactly, will you have to do with all of that power at your fingertips you ask? Battle monsters….big, bad, giant, menacing monsters…that's what. From giant sea serpents, to wicked trolls to the infamous Grendel himself…this new trailer gives you more monster goodness then you can shake a severed arm at. Take a peek at a collection of the bosses and beasts you will face in the Beowulf video game.

Beowulf - Achievements:
"Achievement Unlocked” – If you find this phrase familiar (and you know you do), you will no doubt be interested in checking out what new achievement points await to help jack up your gamer score in the upcoming Beowulf video game. Check the included package for a full run-down of achievements with accompanying images and all! Achievement addicts…this is a must.

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