Bejeweled 3 Is Amazon's Deal of the Day

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It's Sunday. You feel like getting a new game for your collection, but you're kind of lazy to go out and get it. As always, you can shop digitally and have everything mailed to you within a few days. There's one game I would highly recommend purchasing online at the moment, though.

Amazon is currently listing Bejeweled 3 as its Video Games Deal of the Day title. The game is listed at $13.99, six bucks down from its regular $20 price tag. Not an amazing price cut, but still a good deal nonetheless.

Bejeweled 3 is an easy game to recommend due to its accessible design and addictive gameplay. I seriously believe that every gamer needs access to something like Bejewled 3 regardless of their gaming tastes. It's fun, it's quick, and it's great to pass the time with.

If you have yet to play PopCap's beloved series, you can't go wrong with Bejeweled 3. Check it out on Amazon before midnight and save yourself $6. That money can go to some delicious $5 pizza, and you'll still have some change left over!

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