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Behind the Voice of Male Shepard


You know Commander Shepard?  No?  He’s some guy (or gal) from those Mass Effect games.  He’s / she’s kind of a big deal – saved Earth, saved the council (or did he/she?), and saved the universe from Reaper assault.  The final installment of Mass Effect is coming next year in March, I hope by then you are familiar with Commander Shepard. 

I’ve spoken about what a phenomenal job Jennifer Hale has done voice acting with Fem Shepard in the past, but never have I praised Mark Meer for his voice acting for male Shepard.  In all three of the games, these two voice actors have done Shepard each time. 

If you’ve played these games, you know not only the voice acting in these games is fantastic but there is so much dialogue.  Often the player has three or more dialogue options; these voice actors have record each of these responses and often unique follow up responses.  What seems like a quick dialogue could involve far many more options than you realize for the creators. 

As Mass Effect 3 is coming out in a few months, AlbertaPrimeTime did a story and video on Mark Meer – the voice behind male Shepard.  He has been doing voice acting work for BioWare for over a decade.  He first did ONE line in Baldur’s Gate 2 and since has done voice acting in Dragon’s Age and Mass Effect.  In this clip, Meer talks about his experiences as world traveling improve comic who does voice acting on the side.  His ability to improve lines he’s never seen before and get in and out of characters quickly has made him the success he is now.

The clip is awesome and the link to it will be below.  For those looking to get into voice acting, he has a tip at the end on how to become a successful voice actor, “Getting on the ground floor with BioWare in 1999.”  Well maybe that wasn’t that helpful – but it did work for him.

The Man Behind the Voices of the Mass Effect Video Game

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