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Behind-the-score of inFamous: Second Son's rocking soundtrack


With just two days until the release of inFamous: Second Son, Sony has released a new video that takes us "behind the score" of the eagerly awaited PS4 exclusive. In the video, SCEA WWS Music Director Chuck Doud and Music Manager Jonathan Mayer give us a brief studio tour while touching on the production of Second Son's soundtrack.

"This video highlights the type of sound and score we produced for inFAMOUS Second Son in close collaboration with Brad Meyer, Audio Director at Sucker Punch Productions," explains Doud. "As you play through the game and experience Delsin’s story, the score and sound will guide you through the his explorations and combat encounters. You’ll dive into Delsin, discovering his superhuman powers and feeling his exhilaration as he takes on the Department of Unified Protection."

And below is an exclusive track from inFamous: Second Son called "The Vandal King." It is found on the inFamous: Second Son - Original Soundtrack, which is now available digitally on iTunes. The physical CD can be purchased no March 25th through Amazon.

For those of you interested in the audio aspect of game design, check out yesterday's "Behind-the-sound" video.

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